Witness: A fiery response from “Nadia Al-Iraqia” to the skeptics about her children’s lineage


The artist, Faten Fathy, famous for Nadia Al-Iraqi, sent a strongly-worded message through a post on her account on the photos and videos website (Instagram) to skeptics about the lineage of her children.And that after sharing pictures of her recently accompanied by her three sons, “Adham, Mai and Nelly,” where a renewed comparison between them and her and an indication of the effect of money on the change that occurred to them and was exposed to a harsh wave of sarcastic comments.

Nadia al-Iraqiya wrote in her post that included a picture of her, her children and their father, saying, according to (Nort): “You are the countries of my children and their father … you have come back to publish their pictures and the dirtiest comments … on what right do you doubt about lineage, dogs? .And she continued: “Envy and hatred sat me down from work … We did not find joy, and diseases entered my house … My family is kings of Jamal … I mean if my children after evil died and my heart was burned, this will comfort you.”

Witness: A meeting with the artist “Nadia Al-Iraqia” and her children in a series of mocking campaigns on Facebook


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