Witness – Angham’s opinion on the marriage of Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi to her manager news


Randa Riad, wife of the artist Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, revealed the scenes of the love relationship that she had with him before marriage, how she got to know him, as well as the attitude of the artist Angham to their relationship.

Randa explained during her interview on The Insider program, that she is not only the director of Angham’s work, but rather considers her as a sister to her, explaining that after she met Al-Sharnoubi for the first time, she spoke with her and told her how she feels about him, so Angham assured her that he is a respectable, kind and handsome young man. She slowed down and did not rush to associate until you got to know him well, adding: “You are just dying in him while he dies there.”

It is noteworthy that the artist Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi surprised his audience last December, by announcing his engagement to Randa Riyad, director of the singer Angham’s works, and they were scheduled to hold a large wedding ceremony, but due to the circumstances of the spread of the new Corona virus, they held a simple party that was limited to family and close friends in mid-June. .

Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi’s last work was the series “Les La”, which was shown on the Shahid platform.

The series “Why La” was written by a narration workshop under the supervision of scriptwriter Maryam Naoum. Scenario and dialogue by Dina Najm and Magdy Amin. A large number of artists participate in the series alongside Amina Khalil, including Hala Sidqi, Sherine Reda, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, Maryam Al-Khasht, Hani Adel, Omar Al-Saeed and Nardin Farag. Directed by Maryam Abu Ouf.

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