Witness: harsh bullying of Nadine El-Rassi because of the age difference between her and her fiance


The Lebanese actress Nadine Al-Rassi blew a wave of anger against her after the video she posted on (Instagram), and she is in an intimate atmosphere with her fiance, who appears to be the age of her son.Nadine Al-Rassi appeared in the video published by (Watan), sitting in the arms of her fiance, Majd Abdul, who believed that she was taking a normal picture of them, before it appeared that she was filming a video clip and kissing him.

At first, the audience asked whether it was her son, expressing their anger at her late adolescence. One of them wrote: “Who is this your son?” Another commented: “Think about her son.”Another ridiculed: “What is your story every day with one form?”, And the last opinion agreed with the comment: “My soul, my soul, you stink.”

Nadine Al-Rassi revealed earlier that she is “living a new phase of her life”, announcing that her marriage and her fiance will take place in August, and that she confirmed that he is several years younger than her, and that true love challenges age differences.

It is worth noting that Al-Rassi married Hatem Hadchiti for the first time in 1996 and gave birth to her eldest son Mark, then they separated to marry the Lebanese businessman and actor Giscard Abi Nader in 2001 and gave birth to two sons, Marcel and Karl, and separated from her husband in 2016.


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