Yalla Shot Live broadcast | Watch the Sheffield United and Leeds United Premier League match


Watching the Sheffield United and Leeds match The Sheffield United club will host its opponent, the Leeds Club team, as that match will be held on Sunday 9/27/2020, and that match will take place in the third week of the Premier League. Be without an audience.

A date for the Sheffield United club and the Leeds club team

Where the Sheffield United team wants its first victory in the new season, and the match will be held at exactly one oclock in the evening, at Cairo time and at exactly two oclock in the evening, in Saudi Arabias time, where that match will be transferred to the second BN Sport channel. He will comment on that match by horse mane.

The expected formation of the Leeds team against Sheffield United

As it is expected that his formation includes in
Defensive line: Koch, Ealing, Stroic and Dallas
Midfield: Kilic, Phillips, Hernandez and Harrison
Goalkeepers: Messer
Offensive line: Bamford and Costa

As the Sheffield club was distinguished in the Premier League that last year, but suffered at the beginning of the new season, the team lost two games in a row in the league, as the team’s opening match was at its home and lost to Wolverhampton’s team, with two goals without goals.

Watch the Sheffield United and Leeds match

In the second round, the match was away, and that was against Aston Villa, but he lost by one goal without a response.

The Sheffield United club lost, and that was by penalty kicks in the (English League Cup), and that was against Burnley, where the match was on the ground, and the result was five goals against four.

In addition, the newly-promoted Leeds team, in the current season of the English Premier League, lost a match from the English Premier League outside the stadium against the Liverpool club team, and the result was four goals against three.


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