Yallakora reveals how Badri thinks about the national team?


The technical staff of the Egyptian national team, led by Hossam El-Badry, met a few days ago to talk about the upcoming preparations for the team and how the members of the national team will be selected for the camp next November.

It is decided that the Egyptian national team will prepare for the two matches against Togo during the international suspension period in November between 9 and 17 of the month as part of the African qualifiers for the 2022 Nations Cup in Cameroon.

A source told “Yallakora” that the coaching staff agreed that new elements would only be used in the narrowest limits (one or two players), especially since there would be no trial period during the camp due to lack of time.

The source indicated that the national team has largely settled on the available options and names, whether for the list or for the waiting list, in the event of any injuries or suspensions.

The source stated that the national team settled on 4 professionals: Mohamed Salah (Liverpool, England), Ahmed Hassan “Coca” (Greek Olympiakos), Mahmoud Hassan “Trezeguet” (Aston Villa, England), and Ahmed Hegazy (West Bromwich, England).


The source said that the national team had settled on the presence of 4 guards in the next camp, namely, Muhammad Al-Shennawi (Al-Ahly), Muhammad Abu Jabal or Mahmoud Abdul Rahim “Jensh” (Zamalek) according to who will participate mainly with the team in the next stage, and Muhammad Bassam (Vanguards of the Army) And Mahmoud Gad (Enppi).

The source indicated that if Shawky Gharib decided to include Mahmoud Gad on the list of the Olympic team, Al-Badri will include Mahmoud Hamdi (clearing Egypt).

Line of defense

The source revealed that the national team decided to choose the following names to be on the defense line, namely: Ahmed Fathy, Ayman Ashraf, Rami Rabia (Al-Ahly), Ahmed Hegazy (West Bromwich), Muhammad Hamdi and Ahmed Ayman Mansour (Pyramids), Mahmoud Alaa (Zamalek) .

The source indicated that Rajab Bakkar is among the options of the national team, but the matter depends on his participation mainly with his Pyramids team in the matches, and if it does not happen, Muhammad Hani, the Al-Ahly player, will be used.

the middle:

The source pointed out that the national team settled on the following names in the midfield: Tariq Hamed and Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” (Zamalek), Amr Al-Soliya and Hamdi Fathi (Al-Ahly), Islam Issa and Imad Nabil “Dunga” (Pyramids), and Mahmoud Hassan (Trezeguet) (Aston Villa).


With regard to the offensive line, the source said that the following names have been largely settled: Mohamed Salah (Liverpool), Ahmed Hassan “Coca” (Olympiacos), Hussam Hassan (Smouha), and Mustafa Mohamed (Zamalek).

Emergency list

The source said that the national team has settled on the number of names that will be included in the “emergency” list, and travel visas will be issued for them as well, given the possibility of using any of them if there are injuries.

The apparatus settled on the following: Muhammad Majdi “Afsha”, Hussein al-Shahat, Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim “Kahraba”, Marwan Mohsen (Al-Ahly), Mahmoud Hamdi “Al-Wansh” and Youssef Ibrahim “Obama” (Zamalek), Ali Jaber (Pyramids), and Marwan Hamdi (Wadi Degla).

The position of Alnni and Ramadan and the new faces

With regard to the position of the Nene, the source said that the matter has not yet been finally settled, as there are discussions about the presence of the player or not, there is a view that the player has great experience with the national team and Badri has not imposed his plan yet, and therefore there must be dependence on the old elements.

As for Ramadan Sobhi, who was recently transferred to the ranks of Pyramids, the national team decided to postpone its use and not include it in the November camp, given that he had not participated in any matches since December of last year due to injury.

The source added that Taher Muhammad Taher, the player of the Arab Contracters, and Nasser Maher, the player of Smouha, are among the new faces that the national team is looking into the issue of the existence of either of them during the November camp.

The source stressed that coordination will take place between Hossam El-Badry and Shawky Gharib, the coach of the Egyptian Olympic team, regarding the latter’s list and the need for some elements regarding the preparation for the Olympiad.


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