Yasser Rayan: My son is educated, and Tariq loves to work as Trend .. and Yahya replies: Trend, what are you spelled out for?


Yasser Rayan defended his son Ahmed, the player of the El Gouna team, against Tariq Yahya, the coach of Zamalek club, claiming that he had insulted him after the White match against El Gouna..

Ryan, the father, told Ontime Sports: “I spoke with my two sons Ahmed after Tariq Yahya’s words and he denied to me that he had fought with him or uttered anything against him, but that he did not meet him in the first place and did nothing but that he spoke after the match with his colleagues, as is the habit of every match.”.

He added, “You know, Captain Tariq loves to work as a trend, and he will leave Zamalek training.”.

He continued: If he wanted to talk about the matter, he had to contact me directly and not in the media while he was distorting the reputation of a football player. Not a single problem occurred from him, and what happened was a defect and it is not correct..

And this is what Tariq Yahya replied: “I am a man of dust, and I say something happened.” And Yasser Rayan says that I am looking for a trend.“.

He concluded: Ahmed Yasser pronounced against the Zamalek club and not against me. As for those who transgressed in my right, he is Islam a warrior, and he speaks to me while standing on the line. It is not logical for me to call his father and tell him that your son has gone beyond my right, so we are not in the school.“.


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