“You fought against me and it made me bad.” Carolina, speaking on Mayar Sharif


Czech Karolina Belskova confirmed that her Egyptian rival, Mayar Sharif, made difficult her mission during the match that brought them together this afternoon, Tuesday, in the main role of the French Open tennis championship.

In her speech at the press conference after the match, Carolina indicated that what she described as a “Mayar fight” in the meeting made the confrontation more difficult, but the experience factor had a role in the decision.

And the fourth world number one said: “I could not stop thinking, my mind was always thinking during the meeting, I think I was calmer in the second group.”

She added, “It made me play a bad game. The difference in points was not big to make me feel that I was great, but I improved a little in the second set compared to what happened in the first.”

She continued: “Not despair was the most I could do, no problem in the form of performance because I always have a chance to win against such players.”

And about Mayar’s performance, Carolina said: “The match was very close between us in points, it was closed, winning two games for these players might be great, but achieving the third would be difficult.”

She explained, “My experiences are more than Mayar, and this may be the reason for winning, but I have to play better in future matches.”

And concluded: “Mayar was fighting against me, and did not give me many opportunities, but no problem how bad my level was, after the first group it was very difficult.”


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