You will work while you are at home .. Young people who watch movies are wanted for 300 euros


Who wouldn’t dream of relaxing on the sofa in our pajamas without doing anything, just enjoying watching our favorite series.

The opportunity is already realized by a British brand to test their fashion for around 300 euros a month.

The show comes from British fashion brand Pour Moi, which is looking for testers for its products, for £ 30 an hour to wear home and sleep, while watching favorite TV series on Netflix, according to the Italian site “greenme”.

The test is based on wearing the British brand designs of pajamas and sportswear for a total of 10 hours per month indoors, and knowing whether they are suitable for cold weather (autumn / winter), i.e. warm, comfortable and suitable for wearing at home and so on.

And for the test participants, they will also have a set of simple but also lovely tasks, varying between watching 3 episodes of their favorite programs on TV and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, and browsing social media for at least 10 minutes a day.

Once the clothes have been tested, the chosen person, who must be at least 18 years old and a “lazy” fan who has the opportunity to participate by submitting requests until October 12, will then be responsible for providing notes and details about how comfortable they are and whether improvements should be made. Or changes to it or not.

According to Pour Moi owner Michael Thompson, the inspiration came in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown. He said: “We know that in recent months more people have spent longer periods wearing home clothes than ever before, which is why we have seen a massive rise in demand for comfortable pants Like pajamas and home clothes. ”

He added, “So with the approaching winter season, we know that next season for home wear will be incredibly demanding, so we need to make sure we are up to date.”


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