Youssef Al-Belaili, Al-Ahly deal, which is expected in the summer x 7 information


Youssef Al-Blayli, the left wing of the Ahly Jeddah team, became the morning and evening talk in the Al Ahly football street, after strong news reported that he had entered the circle of Al-Ahly club’s interests in the next summer Mercato, as part of the plan of the Red Castle Board of Directors headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib to support the offensive line in the new season, Especially after Hafeez El Bellaili, the father and agent of the Algerian player, revealed that there were Egyptian negotiations with him by the Al-Ahly club to sign a contract with him next season.

“The negotiations are currently between Al-Ahly of Egypt and his Saudi counterpart in order to reach an agreement for the departure of the player, especially as he is still bound by a contract with the Saudi Al-Ahly.”

Al-Bilaili’s father confirmed the player’s welcome to move to the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club during the new season, in light of strong negotiations with him, saying, “Youssef welcomes playing for Al-Ahly as it is a big club in Africa.”

ـ Youssef Al-Belaili He was born on March 14, 1992 and is 28 years old.

His main position is the left wing and he is also good at playing on the right wing or under the spears.

Al-Blayli played 16 international matches, during which he managed to score 5 goals, in addition to making 5 other matches.

Throughout his football career, he participated in 211 matches in his career with all the clubs he played for.

He scored 52 goals and made 58, and won 46 yellow and two red cards. Al-Blayli put his mark on 120 goals during his football trip with clubs and with the Algerian national team.

The market value of the Algerian player is 2,400,000 euros.

Al-Balayli contributed 10 titles over the course of his career in the stadiums, most notably the African Nations title with the Greens in the 2019 edition in Egypt, and crowned the African Champions League with Esperance twice.

And Algerian press reports revealed that the Al-Ahly club made an offer worth 2.5 million euros, in order to obtain the services of the star Youssef Blyali, the wing of the Saudi Al-Ahly Jeddah team, during the current summer transfer market, taking advantage of the player’s desire to leave the Saudi team, according to the channel “Al-Hadhaf” The Algerian club, the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club, made a bid to include the Algerian star Youssef Blyli, the wing of the Saudi Al-Ahly Jeddah team, with a value of 2.5 million euros.

The Algerian channel added that the player’s father is currently negotiating with 3 clubs, namely Al-Ahly, Villarreal of Spain and Ankara Sport, Turkey, for any team to join the player..

In the same context, the Algerian network website confirmed that Youssef El Belaili prefers to move to the ranks of Al-Ahly, after the negotiations that took place between officials of the Red Castle, with the player’s father.


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