YouTube criticized after removing a feature dedicated to the deaf .. Know the details


Site exposure The YouTube To be criticized by members of the deaf community for canceling the feature Community Contributions Or community contributions, as the feature was deactivated on September 28, one day after the end of the International Deaf Week, and the company-owned platform said Google She decided to remove it because it’s rarely used as people continue to report spam and abuse.

Liam O’Dell, the journalist who published the story about the removed feature, told the British Daily Mail website: As a deaf viewer, it was a safety net for me when watching content, and unfortunately many of my users are still YouTube They are not obligated to caption their videos, so subtitles and subtitles provided by fellow viewers were incredible support in those cases – especially when the automatic captions were still far from perfect..”

However, more than half a million people signed a petition Calling YouTube In addition to providing assistance to deaf and hard of hearing viewers, proponents say the option has benefited people with sound processing disorders and those trying to use media in a foreign language..

Advertise a site YouTube For the first time that the removal was coming in July, when a deadline was set for publishing draft captions, the community contributions feature allowed viewers to manually add annotations or subtitles to videos and send them for approval, and it must be enabled by the channel owner, who will then review requests It would also have been automatically published after receiving adequate community reviews, although this feature was disabled in August 2019.


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