Zamalek agrees with Calderon to train the team and make the official announcement within hours


Zamalek club officials ended the agreement with Argentine Calderon to train the soccer team during the next stage, succeeding French Patrice Carteron, who suddenly left to take over the training of Saudi cooperation.

An informed source inside the Zamalek club revealed that the past hours witnessed the last frills of Calderon’s contract with the White Castle, during the intense negotiations that took place between the coach and the club through video calls, which witnessed agreement on all the details.

The source explained that there is nothing left but to officially announce that Calderon will officially assume the technical responsibility of the football team in Zamalek, which depends on one thing.

It is expected that Zamalek officials will announce that Calderon will officially take over the technical responsibility of the football team within the next few hours, after sending airline tickets to the technical director and setting a date for his arrival in Cairo, to start the mission officially.

Zamalek’s agreement with Calderon came after the failure of negotiations with the Portuguese Ferreira, who apologized for taking over responsibility for family and personal reasons, according to the statement issued by the Portuguese coach, in which he apologized to the fans of the Zamalek club for not being able to meet the club’s call for special circumstances and the difficulty of his presence in Cairo during the coming period.

While Zamalek officials refused to contract with the Swiss Gross for only two months, after the coach confirmed that he suffers from an eye disease that may require surgery, as Al-Abyad officials preferred to hire a coach for a long time, not just two months.


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