Zamalek Legal Advisor: The discipline decision may not be applied


Mahmoud Al-Assal, legal advisor to Zamalek club, said that the Disciplinary Committee may not impose a disciplinary punishment on Murtaza Mansour, president of the white club.

“Mortada Mansour possesses immunity, and according to the law, disciplinary punishment may not be imposed against Mortada Mansour,” added the legal advisor to the Zamalek club, in remarks on the “Zamalek” screen.

He explained: “A member of the House of Representatives in which there are two attributes of a member of the House of Representatives and a public servant has immunity, which is not permissible to impose disciplinary punishment without permission from the House of Representatives.”

He continued: “Mortada Mansour is exposed to provocations because of several void decisions issued against him.”

The Disciplinary Committee of the Egyptian Football Association imposed a material penalty on Mortada Mansour of 100,000 pounds. (See the details)

The Zamalek club advisor also spoke about the club’s penalty for deducting three points from the soccer team’s balance after refusing to go to the Al-Ahly match in the top of the first round in the Egyptian we League.

Regarding this, the Zamalek advisor explained: “The Football Association committed a disaster because it relied on regulations and overlooked other regulations.”

He continued: “According to Article 45, the team is considered withdrawn in three cases, and Zamalek is considered identical to it in the second case, but the Football Association imposed the penalty on the club without explaining the reasons for the withdrawal to appear for investigation.”

He ended: “Mortada Mansour in closed rooms is considered a man of law and a state because he overlooks many void decisions. My message to the Football Association is not to settle accounts and we will respond with documents on the punishment.”

It is worth noting that the Egyptian Football Association issued a decision after the Al-Ahly match, considering Zamalek defeated in the match, with the removal of three points from the team’s balance after the end of the current season (2019-2020).


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