Zamalek to see Babel: We don’t have a salary, and you don’t have a contract


Amir Mortada, the general supervisor of the football sector at Zamalek Club, responded to the request of Ari Babel, the white player, to obtain his salary after he signed his joining contracts with the team 3 months ago.

And Ari Babel had demanded in a television interview on the Sada al-Balad screen that he would receive a salary of 3 months after his contract with Zamalek, indicating that he was Amir Mortada who banned him while he was his agent due to their demands for their rights.

Amir Mortada said in statements to Ontime Sport: “The club is the one who has the inherent right to announce the timing of any deal or its success or failure based on the interest of the team.”

He added: “It is not correct to announce deals in the middle of the season. The interest of the team is more important. Babel is not a player in Zamalek and did not come to Egypt and did not pass the medical examination, and there is no contract between him and Zamalek to claim his dues.”

And he continued: “Zamalek respects his contracts when there is a contract that has been concluded, and it is unreasonable for a player to come out on TV screens saying that he has not received his dues for 3 months.”

Amir Mortada completed his remarks, saying: “I didn’t get a salary and didn’t give us a contract, originally with Zamalek. He is a free player and we asked him for certain papers from his club and proof that he is a free player, and he did not give us those papers.”


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