Zidane comments on the arbitration debate … and explains the developments of Hazard’s position


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Confirmed the coach French Zen Debt Zidane, Manager Artwork Valid: Madrid, Ready His team لخوض Confrontation country Newborn Tomorrow Wednesday, within Competitions Round The fourth From League The Spaniard.

وقال Zidane in a Remarks Through Conference Journalist The private Match, Moved it newspaperMarkaSpanish: ”country Newborn competitor Difficult very He can that it causes Our Trouble, should We the performance Form Good from the first minute, And continue Play Same Motivation Which We were on him The year the past“.

وعند His question About Bezel Ready The star Belgian Eden Hazard, Answered Zidane: ”His return Close and he ready Already, And train Well With the team, لكننا We know it’s a did not To train Much, وسنرى Later when He can Sharing“.

as such Talk Zidane About Controversy About Decisions Arbitration And technique the video, Which Was raised Rear match the team Past Before Rial Betis, Where He said: ”will not I speak About this is The things, ومكن For everyone Express Their opinion as such he is adverb Always, Nor We can Act Thing More From concentration On Our work, ونفكر in a Matches“.

و .وضح Zidane His position From Rumors Which she spoke About near leave The striker Serbian Luca Jovic About Meringue, Where He said: ”Must be Taking all Possibilities in a Consideration Even Today the last one in a Market Transfers, What I care about right Now that all Players Fine And they can Play والمشاركة in a Matches“.

Mentionsed that Rial Madrid Total 4 points Through Two games in a season LaLiga, Where Expired His match First in a season In a tie Passive Before Rial Sociedad, Before that Achieves the win With a result 3-2 Before Rial Betis in a the match the second.


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