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It seems that the campaigns boycotting the concert of Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred in Egypt after his involvement in many rape cases in 3 countries did not guarantee a number of artists to stop supporting him.

In recent days, 3 Egyptian stars showed their support for the artist Saad just after his concert that was organized by the “Cairo Show” was canceled in response to the boycott campaigns. (the details)

Get to know these stars:

Ahmed Flux

Days after the concert was canceled, Flux posted a picture of Saad through his Instagram account, and a writer commented on it: “My love, teacher … I love me and see you soon in your second country, Egypt, with your audience and your people who love you.”

And closed Gloux comment feature on this image.


In a call with ET in Arabic, Zina said that she loves Saad just because she feels like a child, loves his songs, his voice and his smile, and when he laughs, she feels the world laugh at her. (Watch the video)

Nabila Obeid

Actress Nabila Obeid shared with her audience a new video clip showing scenes from the movie “The Dancer and the Politician”. The video includes noble dances within the events of the film, accompanied by the song “Oday Al-Kalam”, which is Lamjarred’s latest songs and his first in the Egyptian dialect. (the details)

Nabila published the video on her personal account on the Instagarm website and application, and wrote a comment: “Beauty is Oudy Speech .. Saad just a beautiful voice from dear Morocco .. the scenes from the movie The Dancer and the Politician .. I miss you .. Good evening on your eyes.”

Saad responds to her by writing: “Thank you very much, Madame Nabila. It is a great and indescribable honor that my song is based on a montage of the most wonderful clips of your history. You really were you and will mislead the crowd. Thank you again for the kindness of your heart and your humility.”

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