30 buildings and 4000 homes and hotels … the most prominent property of the new Google headquarters


Big tech companies – like Google, Apple, and Facebook – have been known to have sprawling campus offices in Silicon Valley that have always been the point of full talk, like Apple’s spaceship headquarters called Apple Park in Cupertino, Google’s Mountain View campus, or even Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, Google recently revealed its plans to build a new headquarters in San Jose and the tech company provided a glimpse of its next big campus, here are 10 things you should know about:

Google’s headquarters project in San Jose is called Downtown West and it will be “mixed-use.”

Not only will the headquarters be home to Google’s offices, but it will also have offices and public spaces for other organizations.

– The headquarters is expected to be built on an area of ​​80 acres and will not be like a “traditional company headquarters,” according to Google.

It is expected that the next big Google headquarters will have 30 buildings and 4,000 housing units.

The new headquarters is also expected to contain at least 10 parks.

Retail space, hotel, and performance areas for events and live performances will also be part of the campus.

Google plans to operate all headquarters buildings using solar or electric energy.

The company also said it plans to make 65% of the headquarters accessible by bicycle, public transport, or on foot to try to reduce the number of cars.

The headquarters will be established in coordination with the city of San Jose.

Plans for the new headquarters will be approved later this year and will likely take more than a few years to complete.


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