“30 centimeters cut in his neck” .. Maha Abu Auf talks about the deliberate killing of her husband Omar Khorshid


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The artist Maha Abu Ouf spoke about the causes of the death of her late husband, the artist Omar Khorshid, explaining that he was deliberately killed and did not die in a traffic accident, according to her expectations and her vision of the crime scene, suspicious of his death as a result of the accident. She also indicated that a back was cut in Khorshid’s neck. The car’s windshield was not blown off after the traffic accident, because she noticed a cut in the neck.

“Abu Ouf” said in the “Ninth” program, presented by the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi, in response to his question: “Did he feel the accident is ambiguous and reaches the point of intentional ?!”: “Uh, of course, I sensed it. The carcass that was in his neck was not a jolt. When Pinzel broke his crystal (powder) he did not slaughter, but he had 30 cm in his neck, cut from the north. ”

And she continues: “Remembering the day of his death he had a party and said at two in the morning, Haji, and I preferred Mstenya until four oclock in the morning. They told me that we knew that he had made an accident in Arabic, and his condition was dangerous, and they took him to the hospital and we sat around the hospital. They went there, and I stayed for months and I didn’t stay with him except when I traveled to Tunisia with Izzat, my brothers, may God have mercy on him, in order to perform concerts in Tunisia for the Fur M band (a singing group founded by the artist Ezzat Abu Auf with his sisters: Mona, Maha, Manal and Mervat at the end of the seventies) ».

The artist denied, during the phone call with “Al-Ibrashi”, rumors about a struggle on her part over the inheritance of her husband, “Khorshid”, and confirmed that she does not seek inheritance, and although she was his wife when he died, she never thought about obtaining money from behind. “Khorshid”, according to what she said, stressing that there is no need for her on her part in light of the death of her lover.

She explained, saying: “I don’t want anything, I found myself with a capable guardian ability to ‘the inheritance’ until the announcement of the inheritance takes place, and I encountered disputes and problems. Your right and your right are yours, I told him I don’t want anything, one takes what after the brown Adam whom you appreciate and love. Money is a nonsense. ”

Regarding her health condition and her infection with influenza at the present time, she revealed that she underwent a corona test to verify her health status, indicating that the result was negative, and she returned to confirm that it was a “cold” only: “Praise be to God I did the corona test and praise be to God, I am fine, for 6 months I did not come out” From my house for fear of the Corona, and if I went out, I would leave a little, and our Lord is the curtain. ”

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