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Continue now You knock my baby series, episode 15, translated In its entirety, the series ended on the channel scheduled to be shown during which it is Fox TV Sen Çal Kapımı 15 now, and there were strong events, the most important of which were Ida and Serkan at risk due to a strong car accident that put Serkan in danger, and we will learn the details during the love story that knocked on my door 15 now.

You knock my door 15 yoobest

Watch You knock my door series, full episode 15 A love story, through exciting details that we are waiting for, we will now learn what happened during this week and show one of the strongest episodes of the season in You knock my door 15 translated now, in which we will learn about the fate of the two heroes whom we anticipate what will happen between them.

You can follow up on Wednesday evening to watch the episode on Fox channel, and the fifteenth episode of the 15th episode, “Knock My Babi,” will be broadcast on the next frequency at exactly nine oclock in the evening UAE time, and the episode will be transmitted at eight oclock in the evening in Saudi, Syria, Palestine and Yemen. It was broadcast at exactly seven oclock, Egyptian local time.

The frequency of Fox TV, knock on my door, episode 15, subtitled

You can get the frequency of the channel that displays the series as follows: –

Satellite: Nilesat.
Frequency: 11296.
Coding: 27500.
Polarization: vertical.

Knock baby series episode 15 now

The events developed after what we followed during the first episodes of the series, until you knock my door 15 tonight, and how things differed between Serkan and Ida from before.

Ida became in a difficult situation after she separated from Serkan, and events were frequent during the past episodes, and ended with Serkan being involved in a car accident that led to him entering a difficult health stage, which led to fractures and a great danger.


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