4 injured in a firearms fight in the village of Beni Suef


1:26 AM

Saturday 24 October 2020

Beni Suef – Hamdi Suleiman:
4 people, including two women, were wounded with pellet bullets in a quarrel that broke out between two families in Baba district, south of Beni Suef.

The Security Directorate of Beni Suef received a notification from the emergency police, that a quarrel broke out between two families in the navigational village of Said Jaafar in Baba district, and there was an exchange of fire and injuries due to the fun of children.

As a result of the shooting, Abdullah Muhammad Abdel Hafeez, 38, was hit with a pellet wound in the right and left legs, and Nadia Abd Rabbo Mahmoud, 55, was shot in the left leg, Madiha Mahmoud Muhammad, 30, shot a pellet in the right leg, and Hussam Muhammad Abdel Hafeez, 34, was shot in the right thigh.

The injured were transferred to the Beni Suef Specialist Hospital to receive the necessary first aid, and a report on the incident was drawn up.

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