4 movies to watch with your kids before 2020 ends


Although the year 2020 was difficult and represented a huge loss in the history of the film industry, and with all the fears that the second wave of the “Corona” virus might cause, this did not prevent filmmakers from taking risks and returning to view some of the upcoming films.

Because of cinema fans’ longing for their great pleasure, many decided to let go of their caution and go to theaters in order to regain their old passion, so if you are one of these, here are the most important family films that will be released during the remainder of the year, some in cinemas and the other on famous broadcasting platforms.

The return of the greatest witch in the world

On October 28th, we will witness a new movie, “The Witches”, which belongs to the category of family films and comedies with a lot of adventure, although the work will be shown in the United States and Canada on the Internet via the “HBO Max” platform (HBO Max) on October 22, and in theaters in other countries.

The work is based on the well-known story of the same name and written by the writer “Roald Dahl.”

There, the boy and his grandmother face a group of deceitful witches and devilish ideas, which prompts the grandmother to move the child away to protect him, but he finds himself in the presence of the largest witch in the world who gathered her close companions around her to help her implement an unpleasant plan.

The film is a contemporary treatment of the story that was previously presented as a movie in 1990, which will put the heroine of the modern version, “Anna Hathaway”, in comparison with Angelica Huston, the heroine of the nineties.

The Croods are entering a new era

In 2013, the animated movie “The Croods” was released, and despite the simplicity of its plot, it achieved tremendous success, both in terms of revenues amounting to $ 587 million, or at the artistic level, as it was nominated for the most important awards, including Oscar, Golden Globe and British BAFTA.

Which prompted the industry to present the part of Thai “The Croods: A New Age” will be released next November, with the same cast of stars, including Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds.

It is noteworthy that the plot of the first part revolved around the “Croods” family who lived in a prehistoric cave, before they were surprised that the world was close to collapse due to a catastrophe on the verge of verification, which drives them to give up their constant caution and leave their safe place, and search for a new place Fit for life, and in the process they take on an unforgettable fun adventure.

As for the new part, it begins after the Croods family finds a place that meets all their needs, but they soon clash with the Petermans family, which enters with them in a competition for the title of the most up-to-date through a comedic adventure, who will win from them?

Are “Disney” and “Pixar” winning new Oscars?

The year without an animated film by “Disney” and “Pixar” is miserable for young and old, so the news of the release of “Soul”, coinciding with “Christmas” at the end of December / December, has filled the hearts of many, especially as it belongs to the category Inspirational works worth pondering, albeit on Disney Plus.

“Soul” Fantasia starring Tina Fey and Jimmy Fox, and the director “Pete Docter” returns with him after winning the Oscar for “Up” and “Inside Out”, and was nominated for other Oscars, which doubled Audience expectations for distinguished and original work.

It is noteworthy that the work events center around a music teacher who is passionate about jazz and dreams of playing in the legendary jazz club, and as soon as he becomes a step away from achieving his dream, he is exposed to a tragic accident that results in his soul moving to the other world, as the souls seek to rearrange their priorities and discover their hidden emotions before The soul moves to a new child, through whom it regenerates with life.

A technological uprising threatening the world

Writers Christopher Miller and Phil Lord are going through a new experience after their success in “The Lego Movie”, through the movie “Connected”, an animation that combines adventure and amusing situations, albeit not specified After the date of its presentation due to be released in 2020.

The story of the work revolves around “Katie Mitchell” who is accepted into a film school through which she will fulfill her dreams, which entails her going on a road trip with her family in order to reach her destination, based on the wishes of her father, who finds this opportunity for more family bonding. But as soon as a tech uprising occurs around the world, the Katy family will have to overcome the differences and unite with some robots to save the world.


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