$ 46.2 billion in revenue, Google’s parent company Alphabet in the third quarter of 2020


Since the release of the last earnings report in July, revenues of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, increased to $ 46.2 billion in the third quarter of this year, outperforming the $ 38.3 billion it made during the last quarter and $ 40.5 billion last year for the same period. Alphabet earned $ 11.2 billion this quarter, a big improvement compared to the $ 7 billion last year as well.

The overall increase in revenue can often be attributed to “increased advertiser spending on search and YouTube, in addition to the continuing strength in Google Cloud and PlayAccording to CFO Ruth Porat in the company’s press release.

“This year, including this quarter, has shown how important it is to search for the founding product of Google for people,” said CEO Sundar Pichai.

Pichai admitted to the lawsuit filed by the Ministry of Justice accusing the company of illegal monopoly, regarding research and advertising.

Pichai also highlighted some of Google’s recent changes to search, including some AI upgrades, an improved spelling algorithm, and a song search feature to help people spot songs that are stuck in their heads.

Pichai said in a statement: “We had a strong quarter, in line with the wider internet environment, and since these results represent the company’s profits for the quarter ended on September 30th, they do not include sales of the latest Google phones or smart home devices.”

Pichai described it as the wonderful new products available for the holidays, saying phones Pixel New and Chromecast Reviewed positively, and added, “We have a great product roadmap for the future.”

Pichai said that search and devices meet when Google thinks about serving its users with the information they are looking for in their whereabouts.

Pichai noted that “as a sign of the times, views of the guided meditation videos increased by 40 percent, while educational face masks were viewed.” DIY More than a billion times, he said, subscriptions continue to grow, with more than thirty million subscribers to premium music and services and nearly five million in a free trial.

Despite achieving better revenues than last year, Alphabet’s growth seems to have slowed, as the increase in revenues during this quarter was 14 percent compared to the same period last year by 20 percent, yet in general the company is making more profits than it did in 2019 until now, despite the epidemic.


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