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The US space agency NASA for Space Sciences issued a new warning of an imminent barrage of space asteroids, represented by no less than 5 asteroids flying near planet Earth, starting today, for a period of 4 days.

According to the “Russia Today” channel website, the beginning of the asteroid 2020 RV2, which has a diameter of about 25 meters, will pass at a distance of 5.69 million km. While the next asteroid 2020 RR2, which is 26 meters in diameter, will pass a safe distance of 6.2 million km.

Today, the asteroid 2020 RK2, which is 46 meters in diameter, exceeds our planet at a distance of 3.8 million kilometers. On the same day, the asteroid 2019 SB6, with a diameter of 15 meters, passes from a distance of 4.5 million km, and finally, the asteroid 2020 SR6 (25 meters in diameter) will fly near the Earth at a distance of 2.7 million km.

There is no direct threat from outer space at the moment, but some on social media discuss news of asteroids passing near Earth with humor.

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