5 dresses signed by Hany El-Beheiry on the red carpet at the opening of the El Gouna Festival


As soon as the El Gouna International Film Festival began, all eyes turned to the star’s views on the red carpet, which witnessed the presence of many stars, the most prominent of whom were, for example, and not limited to, stars Laila Elwi, Elham Shaheen, Asir Yassin, his wife and children, as well as the artist Hala Sidqi, Menna Shalaby, and journalist Khaled Salah, Chairman of the Board The management and editor-in-chief of the seventh day, his media wife Sherihan Abul-Hassan, and other stars and stars

Journalist Khaled Salah and his media wife Sherihan Abu Al-Hassan

And speaking of the star looks, attention is directed to the biggest fashion designers in the Arab world in particular, and 5 stars chose their looks from the creativity of the international Egyptian fashion designer Hani Al-Beheiry, and they are Laila Elwi Hala Sidqi, Sherihan Abu Al Hassan, Lebleba and Rogina.

The look of the artist Laila Alawi

Actress Laila Alawi

Hany Al-Behairy revealed to “The Seventh Day” the scenes of the appearance of Laila Elwi at the opening ceremony, and said: “We had to go to the box and wear a different need in design and colors, because she wore many colors before that, so we chose a mixture of yellow and apple green.” He added, “In the dress we used natural snake skin that was specially manufactured in Italy.”

Actress Rogina

As for the dress of the artist Rogina, he said that it was made entirely of the distinctive red taffeta, and the crystals used to decorate it were all in Swarovski red, and this was a new look for Rogina, and he added that the dress was a challenge for sewing to appear with this luxury.

Actress Lebleba

The two stars, Lebleh and Hala Sidqi, shone with two different designs from Hani Al-Beheiri, and he said about them: “The dress of Balba is all white and embroidered with gold. As for the dress of the artist Hala Sidqi, it was all silver, and she said that she did not appear so much that she had to do something sweet.”

Actresses Elham Shaheen, Laila Alawi and Hala Sedky

Finally, talking about the appearance of the media, Sherihan Abu Al-Hassan, it was a fully embroidered oil-colored dress, which contains an elegant belt in the waist area made of velor, and it was a distinctive and elegant look.

View of the media Sherihan Abu Al-Hassan


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