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After a long pause and a great deal of anticipation from his followers, the “YouTuber” Ahmed Al-Ghandour returned with his famous program “Al-Duhah” under his new name, “The Duhah Museum”, in his first episode on the “Shahid” platform.

As soon as the episode is shown, the hashtag Al-Dahih Trend publishes the most discussed topics on Twitter, which reflects the real interest of the social media audience to follow Al-Ghandour, who has built a wide fan base over the past years.

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A scene from the first episodes of “Al-Dahih Museum”

Numerous notes that you can monitor as soon as you watch the first episodes of the program, which has become closer to a massively produced documentary drama, in a step that made Al-Ghandour’s return completely different from the form and content of the content he used to present on YouTube for many years.

FilFan includes in this report the most prominent notes on the return of the program and its first episode:

1- The first thing that will attract your attention is the abandonment of the program’s makers on the concept of digital content, including the rules for the Tetter show. This time, the program issued a long, cartoonish tape that included the names of the makers and its huge production team, as if we were in front of a dramatic series.

2- The first scene in the episode was a dramatic dramatic scene, in which the artist, Sami Maghouri, participated as a guest of honor with him and a large group of actors, which means that the next episodes will witness the appearance of other honorary guests as part of the acting scenes in which Al-Ghandour will participate as well.

Napoleon Bonaparte and Buddha appear in the first episodes of the “Duhah Museum”

3 – The duration of the episode exceeded 50 minutes, which is much longer than the episodes of Dheih on YouTube. This is due to the amount of representative scenes that permeate the presentation of Al Dahih content within the frame of the episode. Its rhythm is much slower than the rhythm of El Ghandour, who is characterized by speed in narration and presentation of information.

4- Representative scenes that take place in the museum, and the transformation of historical statues into talking figures that seemed to be a reproduction of the idea of ​​the “World War III” movie, which was also adapted from the idea of ​​the world famous movie “A Night in the Museum”.

5- It is no secret to the scenes of the first episode that we are facing a huge production work, decorations, accessories, actors, dramatic scientific content, and a scriptwriting workshop alongside the scientific research team, which indicates a radical change in the content.


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