5 tips to lose extra weight without dieting after eating sweetener .. Eat a lot of protein


Excessive consumption of the Mawlid al-Nabawi al-Sharif sweets causes an increase in body weight, which causes a feeling of inconvenience and the inability to wear smaller clothes in size, and to treat this problem, we learn about tips that help to lose excess weight without following a diet or “diet”, which he mentioned Published report webmd “.

Tips to lose extra weight without following a “diet”

eat breakfast

Breakfast must be eaten every day, which should contain fruits, whole grains and low-fat dairy products, which provide the body with energy and vitality with the beginning of the day.

Ways to lose weight
Ways to lose weight

Drink drinks without sugar

It is preferable to drink excessive water, as it helps to feel full with consuming sugar-free drinks and calories, such as skimmed milk and sugar-free fruit juice, which provides the body with many health benefits.

Weight loss
Weight loss

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables

It is preferable to eat a lot of low-calorie fruits and vegetables that provide the body with energy, vitality and the nutrients it needs from vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

Eat protein at every meal

It is advised to eat protein in every snack, and it is preferable to choose fat-free foods, such as low-fat yogurt or a small amount of nuts or a small amount of peanut butter, eggs, beans or lean meat, in small quantities that help to Feeling full for a long time during the day.

Weight loss tips
Weight loss tips

Doing exercises

It is recommended to exercise on a daily basis, as it helps to burn body fat, feel energetic and energetic, get a slim body, and from the exercises that are recommended to practice, jogging, lifting weights and walking for half an hour a day, it is also advised to move a lot instead of relying on electric elevators, as this helps To lose excess body weight.


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