5 tricks Megan Markle uses to make everyone impress


Most of us feel uncomfortable while in an unknown circle of people and this often provokes a desire in us to take our mobile phone from our pocket and pretend as if we have received an important message, and yet we all dream of easily forming new acquaintances and winning the love of those around us.

The good news is that we can learn this from a woman whose stunning appeal can draw not only a British Prince, but also millions of people around the world.

“Bright Side” analyzed Megan Markle’s behavior, and discovered how she was able to immediately create positive feelings in strangers and win them, through simple steps that do not cost her much, namely:

1. A sincere smile

When you smile at someone else, it is as if you are sending him a message saying: “I like you.” The person you are smiling is likely to return your smile. A sincere smile also helps you relax and enjoy positive communication.

Megan's smile
Megan’s smile

2. Compliments

The Duchess of Sussex knows very well that one of the easiest ways to win a stranger is to praise him. Together with her husband, Harry, she made a post on Instagram where they encouraged people to compliment and care for one another.

You can praise an acquaintance’s new hairstyle or say a nice word about their accessories, but don’t overdo it, good words can help defuse a tense atmosphere and create a good environment.

Megan and one of the girls
Megan and one of the girls

3. Maintain eye contact

Megan Markle always tries to look into the eyes of the person she’s talking to and she does it right, eye contact is very powerful: it allows you to show your good posture without words, understand another person’s mood, and win an audience.

For example, a teacher who gives a lecture and looks into the students’ eyes will listen more carefully than a teacher who looks down and reads his lecture from his notes, just try to look at your opponent during the conversation, this will help them feel that you find them enjoyable.

Visual communication
Visual communication

4. Positive mood

Megan Markle always appears in a good mood when she is in public, which is why it’s no surprise that people are willing to make eye contact with her.

According to research conducted by scientists at Ohio State University and the University of Hawaii, people can subconsciously sense the emotions of their surroundings, and experts claim that it is likely related to the fact that we naturally copy other people’s mimicry and behavior, which in turn makes us feel something they feel, for this reason. If you want to make those around you feel happy, you must try to infuse positive emotions.

Megan Markle
Megan Markle

5. Pay attention to the person you are talking to

You can understand whether a person is interested in you or not by looking at the direction of their feet, if someone’s feet are pointing at you, they are likely to want to communicate with you, if their feet turn to a different side, then this means that this person is not interested in mingling with you.

Notice how Megan's feet turned when talking to the lady
Notice how Megan’s feet turned when talking to the lady


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