6 years younger than her .. Who is the businessman Salem Haykal Khatib, the actress Bushra?


Bushra celebrated her engagement to businessman Salem Heikal, at the closing ceremony of the El Gouna International Film Festival in its fourth session, which was held on Friday evening, and was attended by a large number of art stars.

Bushra was astonished in front of everyone at the moment her fiance, businessman Salem Haykal, presented her with a diamond ring and asked for her hand in front of everyone.

Therefore, in the following lines, we provide you with some information about the businessman Salem Haykal, Bushra’s preacher:

Salem Heikal is a friend of Bushras childhood.

Salem Heikal was born in August 1982, 6 years younger than Bushra.

Salem Heikal works as a sales manager for the popular Peugeot car company.

– Salem Haykal studied in high school at “lycee” school in Zamalek, and has been a fan of Bushra since that time.

Salem Heikal is a member of the main technical committee of the Egyptian Swimming Federation.

Businessman Salem Haykal has never married before, but Bashra has married several years ago and she has two sons, Ismail and Leila.

– Bushra and Salem Heikal’s engagement was made a while ago in the presence of family and friends, far from the eyes of the media, and many did not attend because of the Corona virus.


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