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Doctors always stress that oral health is an important part of Health The human body, and it must be taken care of to prevent diseases of the teeth and gums, which cause a lot of pain, and result in many problems, the most prominent of which is bad breath.

Bad breath is very annoying, as it can last for hours after eating certain foods that cause bad breath.

But there are 8 foods and drinks that you can incorporate into your diet regularly, to maintain oral and gum health, and to stop worrying about your breath permanently, without using gum or mint.



This might surprise you, but it’s true, plain white yogurt or Greek yogurt has a beneficial effect, not only for the health of your gut, but also for the health of your mouth and gums, and it improves bad breath as well.

The probiotics in yogurt also help the good bacteria in your mouth grow vigorously and reduce the number of bad bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide, which causes bad breath. And according to a 2005 study, it found that participants who ate plain yogurt for 6 weeks had less hydrogen sulfide in their mouths, as well as less plaque and healthy gums.

Parsley and other herbs


These herbs naturally contain essential oils that will help you to hide bad breath completely, as well as maintain good oral and gum health.



The health benefits of cinnamon are many, but crucially for oral health. Cinnamon has powerful antimicrobial properties that can help you eliminate odor-causing bacteria, and it also helps improve your dental health. Cinnamon oil, in particular, is known to break down the volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath.



Cinnamon and ginger are known for their antimicrobial abilities, with the added benefits of soothing digestion as well.

If you need to regain the smell of your breath after eating a particularly stinging meal, eating a small piece of ginger or drinking a cup of ginger tea after a meal will be able to eliminate any unpleasant odors, as well as maintain the health of the mouth and gums.

Green tea


Green tea is possibly one of the healthiest drinks that can be consumed, after all, and there is a reason why it is so customary to end any meal with a cup of green tea in many Asian countries.

It turns out that green tea contains certain compounds called polyphenols, which can eliminate the bad bacteria in the mouth and bad odors with it, too. There are additional benefits of green tea, which are to protect you from certain types of mouth cancer.



Watermelon and Cantaloupe, Not only are all these fruits super moisturizing and helping you get rid of any residue between your teeth, but they are also rich in vitamin C. It turns out that taking ascorbic acid (another name for vitamin C) makes the environment in the oral cavity very acidic, so that bad bacteria cannot grow, which helps you get rid of all those unpleasant odors as well, and helps maintain oral and gum health.

Fennel seeds


Fennel oils contain anti-bacterial properties that work to eliminate bad odors, and fennel oils have other therapeutic benefits in maintaining oral and gum health.



It turns out that this juicy fruit is especially beneficial for healthy teeth, mouth and gums, not only is it rich in vitamin C and polyphenols that will help kill all those odor-causing bacteria, but the fruit juice will also help to clean between your teeth, keeping your gums strong and clean.


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