A baby boy died of starvation after his parents left him alone at home for 4 days in Qalyubia


The city of Toukh, in Qalubia Governorate, witnessed a hideous incident with the death of a baby whose father and mother left alone inside their home after disagreements between them until he died of starvation.

Major General Fakhr Al-Arabi, Director of Qalyubia Security, received a notification from a worker that he had discovered the death of his 4-month-old son, who lived in the apartment, and that his wife, the mother of the child, was not present.He confirmed that he had been sleeping in his workplace for several consecutive days, and upon his return to his residence, he discovered the death of his son and accused his aforementioned wife of negligence and leaving their son without care and causing his death.

Investigations and investigations revealed that what was stated by the reporter was incorrect, and that on the 17th of this October, a dispute occurred between him and his wife, after which she left the house accompanied by her older child son, under the pretext of bringing some purchases, but she went to her family’s house after a quarrel with her husband and that he is the other The child was left alone at home and went to work for 4 days until he starved to death.

Minutes liberation of the incident and investigation by prosecutors.

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