A cancer patient with stomach problems … Basma Wahba appeals to her fans


7:08 PM

Saturday 17 October 2020

The media, Basma Wahba, appealed to her audience to pray for her, before entering the operating room in a hospital in the British capital, London, after her health condition had deteriorated due to health problems in the stomach.

Basma posted a video clip on her account on the “Instagram” website, in which she said: “I entrust you with God, whose deposits are never wasted .. The hand of God is above their hands .. O Lord, God willing, God willing .. Good, God willing, with the grace of God then called you Do not forget me from supplication, “and commented:” From London, I ask you to pray … the process immediately. “

Basma Wahba traveled for treatment abroad due to her poor health, and she said in a recent conversation via Skype with the DMC evening program: “My condition is very bad and I suffer from two stomach problems. My condition is not a rare case, but my condition was very difficult and my stomach does not enter There is a telescope in it from the many operations that I used, so it remains a high risk that I do operations in it, and our Lord honored me with an English doctor who found a treatment for my case, and I did not have any symptoms of what you were getting.

She explained that the second problem was that she was suffering from bleeding, and after the tests she found that there are active hormones that help to activate the cancer cells, saying: “This is not supposed to be with me because I am a cancer patient. A treatment and the result will be determined. “

And she continued: “In any case, I am in the grace and grace of our Lord, and the attire of the good.” A need and it is good. “

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