A common symptom that children have Corona


The website “Boy Genius Report” said that a vaccine Corona It may not be recommended for children at first, which is evident from current trials that target adults only.

The source explained that knowing the symptoms of Corona, which can appear in children, will be the most important key to preserving the safety of young people.

To find these data, the researchers looked at data from more than 200 children who had tested positive for coronavirus.

The researchers found that children who were infected with “Covid-19“Often they show well-known symptoms, such as fatigue, headache and fever. While some also develop a cough, lose their sense of taste or smelling.

Health experts found that a third of the children were completely asymptomatic.

Of the children who developed symptoms, 55 percent reported feeling tired, and 54 percent experienced Headache, And about 50 percent suffered from fever.

Other common symptoms include a sore throat, diarrhea, and loss of appetite.

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