A crisis between his son Rajaa Al-Jeddawi and Rania Mahmoud Yassin with condolences .. Know the story


A video clip has spread on social media, social media pages, and some websites, in which Amira Mukhtar, the daughter of the late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, appears as she pays condolences to the family of artist Mahmoud Yassin.

The cause of the crisis between his son Rajaa Al-Jeddawi and Rania Mahmoud Yassin:

Where Princess Mukhtar offered sympathy to the artist Amr Mahmoud Yassin before offering condolences to the artist, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, which showed signs of emotion and showed Ranias admonition and excitement of a princess, which some expected that the reason was what Amira published about the late artist Mahmoud Yassin’s affliction with Alzheimer’s several years before his death.

Amira Mukhtar had written on her mother’s account on the social networking site Instagram and commented on it and said, God bless you, Oh Angel Mahmoud, and I entered my mummy on the day I met her very happy and cheerful and said to me Mahmoud, think of me and talk to me.

She added and said she was very happy and sat praying for him to be cured of Alzheimer’s, describing it as a cruel disease, may God have mercy on him, a respectable man. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.

The late artist Mahmoud Yassin will be a great artistic and human stature, which has participated in more than 250 works of art, which are among the most wonderful and finest romantic, religious, historical and patriotic works that will remain in the conscience of the Egyptian people.


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