A famous Lebanese artist announces his separation from his wife after the marriage of 13 years


Lebanese artist announced Alaa Zalzali He separated from his wife after 13 years of marriage, without revealing the reasons behind this separation.

This news came in a statement issued by the artist’s media office Alaa Zalzali It says: “If fate throws a flower in life, many things will change in our lives… but a wise and wise person will be gallant even in difficult situations.”

He continued: “So how is the case if it was a fateful decision such as a marital separation decision and was preserving affection, tenacity and friendliness for the sake of his ex-wife and children .. Life is divided and shared, and many are the marriages that were based on love and the ends were sad because fate shone its branches.

He added, “The artist is like a bird, and ten does not only underestimate the children of the forbidden .. I separated from my wife and the mother of my children in marriage, but I will remain with me all the honor, respect, appreciation and affection.”

و .كد Alaa Zalzali However, he still retains the affection, respect, and the ten that exists between them, with their sweet and bitter, in order to protect their two children … and he will begin to focus on his art and singing projects.


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