A fire in a paint shop in the village of Poets in Damietta


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Providence has saved the village of Al-Shuara, affiliated to Damietta Center, from a disaster, after a huge fire broke out in a paint shop in the village.

Immediately, the Civil Protection was informed, as the fire was controlled and the fire was extinguished before it extended to the neighboring areas, especially since the area has a number of furniture workshops that use flammable materials in their activities.

A huge fire broke out this afternoon in a shop selling paint supplies, as the fire consumed all the contents of the shop and the flames spread to the rest of the buildings of the 4-storey property.

The residents of the area informed the Civil Protection Department in Damietta, and 3 fire engines were paid, and the fire was controlled with the help of the people of the area.

A report on the incident was drawn up and forwarded to the Public Prosecution, which assigned the Forensic Department to inspect the site of the fire, uncover the circumstances of the incident, and estimate the size of the losses that resulted from the accident.

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