A glimpse of the inside of Harry and Megan Markle’s house in the last appearance of the Duchess of Sussex. Pictures


Submitted Megan Markle Royal fans have a glimpse into her new life in the $ 14 million California mansion during her appearance on the show Americas Got Talent “.

The Duchess of Sussex, 39, made a surprise appearance at the season finale of the talent show to send a video message to singer Archie Williams, 59, a modest man who had been wrongly imprisoned for 36 years, according to the British Daily Mail.

Megan Markle
Megan Markle

Megan spoke from her sprawling nine-bedroom, 16-bath mansion in the upscale Santa Barbara that she shares with Prince Harry, 36, and their son Archie.

The palace is known as’The ChateauThey were bought for $ 14.65 million on June 18, which makes them neighbors with celebs Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres.

While Prince Harry and Meghan have provided occasional glimpses of their home over the past few months, the appearance of the former actress from her plush living room sofa has presented royal fans with the lavish mansion’s best look yet.

Her appearances provided a peek at the private lives of the Duke and Duchess, the personal objects and treasures they cherished, including feminist titles and race-related books.

On the left side of the frame is a large white flower bouquet placed in a huge vase.

The Duchess has always preferred modern furniture, adding vibrant colors with accessories such as a voluminous bouquet, Megan has always been a fan of fresh flowers, with it announced that pink peonies are her favorite.

Duchess of Sussex
Duchess of Sussex

Just behind Megan’s shoulder, three large monochrome artworks can be seen, which boasts a bold black and white design.

While the pieces are currently unknown, it is a much bolder design than the Duchess’s regular choice, who often chooses fine art for her home.

Directly behind Megan’s shoulder, three large cathedral candles can be seen on luxurious candle sticks, and while the couple appears to have scented their home with a scented candle, they are also decorated with accessories to create some ambiance in the room.


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