A heart attack surprised her during the morning assembly .. the death of a teacher in one of the Dakahlia schools


A teacher at Omar bin Al-Khattab Primary School in Awish Al-Hajar, affiliated to the Mansoura district, pronounced Dakahlia Her last breath after a sudden cardiac arrest during the morning queue. Where a notification was received by the Dakahlia Security Directorate stating that Major General Tariq Abdel Hadi, the head of the Mansoura police station, from Mansoura General Hospital, had received a signal of the arrival of the body of a woman.

With the transfer of the investigation officers headed by Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Tawfiq, chief of investigations at the Mansoura Police Station to the place of the communication, and by examination it was found that the deceased was named “Nabila Abdel Qader Abu Al-Maati” 59 years old, and the resident of Kafr Al-Shanhab affiliated with the center, she obtained a teacher’s diploma, and works as a classroom school in Omar bin Al-Khattab Primary School in Awish Al-Hajar. Where she fell during the morning queue and died.

Examination revealed that the cause of death was a decrease in blood circulation that led to cardiac arrest, and the necessary record of the incident was issued and the Public Prosecution Office was notified.

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