A moment of shooting at a cafe on the coast of Rawd al-Farag (video)


5:09 PM

Monday 26 October 2020

Books – Muhammad Al-Sawy:

Masrawy obtained a video that was monitored through surveillance cameras for the moment when an employee opened fire on cafe patrons in the Rawd al-Farag coast area in Cairo.

The video showed that the accused terrorized the citizens, and fired a number of bullets, which caused a state of panic in the street, and pedestrians jogged in the street for fear of being hit.

Initial investigations revealed that the defendant was sitting in a cafe in the yard, then he had a nervous attack, so he removed a table from his clothes and shot the sitters, especially after some of them had separated his ex-wife in his fights with her.

She added that the accused constantly quarrels with his wife, and his problems increased during the recent period, leaving the region in its wake.

The prosecution inquired from the hospital about the condition of the four injured victims and the accused, in preparation for hearing their statements.

The prosecution requested the investigations investigation into the incident, and ordered the unloading of cameras around the incident to determine the circumstances.

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