A new blow .. Nasser Maher signs for Pyramids in preparation for leaving Al-Ahly


Journalist Omar Rabie Yassin said that Pyramids club officials asked Al-Ahly club to obtain the services of the duo Ahmed Al-Sheikh and Mohamed Sharif. In order to approve the departure of Rajab Bakkar to the Al-Ahly Club.

Omar Rabi` Yassin confirmed, on the “Number One” program on the “Al-Nahar” channel, that Al-Ahly wants to appoint Rajab Bakkar in the upcoming transfer period in order to support the Yemeni side in which only Muhammad Hani is present. After the end of Ahmed Fathi’s contract and his departure at the end of the season to Pyramids.

He explained that Al-Ahly needs to sign a right-back after the departure of Ahmed Fathy to Pyramids in the new season.

Rabih Yassin said that Nasser Maher, the first-team football player in the Red Castle, who was loaned to Smouha Club, signed his transfer contracts to Pyramids Club in preparation for his departure from Al-Ahly during the coming period.

Rabih Yassin confirmed that the Pyramids Club seeks to secure the playing industry position in the team with a distinguished player.

He explained that the selection of Pyramids Club was signed by Nasser Maher, who offers excellent levels with Smouha this season, and the Sky Club obtained the signature of Nasser Maher in preparation for negotiating with Al-Ahly or obtaining his services for free if Al-Ahly refused to keep the player on his list due to the player’s refusal to continue his loan.

He concluded: “Nasser Maher will refuse the loan and will ask to continue in the ranks of Al-Ahly, and Al-Ahly will be forced to agree to his departure if there is no vacancy in his list for the player.”


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