A “new setback” for a study testing a vaccine for Corona


And the company declaredRegeneron“For medicines, on Friday, independent observers recommended suspending the registration of severely ill persons (those requiring intensive oxygen therapy or ventilators), due to” a potential safety problem and an inadequate balance of risks and benefits. “

Observers said the study could continue to test the two-antibody combination of drugs on hospitalized patients who need little or no additional oxygen.

Other studies are continuing in people with mild or moderate symptoms, according to the Associated Press.

It is indicated that Antibodies They are proteins that the body makes when infection occurs and attaches to the virus and helps eliminate it. However, the most effective ones can take several weeks to form.

The experimental drugs aim to help with this right away, by providing concentrated copies of one or two antibodies, which work best against the Corona virus in laboratory and animal tests.

And earlier this October, a different group of observers recommended temporarily suspending registration in a study by the US National Institutes of Health to test the “Eli Lilly” antibody drug, in order to investigate a potential safety problem for patients in the hospital.

On Monday, the National Institutes of Health said that “no safety issue has been verified,” but that they have discontinued the study because the drug does not appear to work in this situation.

Dr. Myron Cohen, a virologist at the University of North Carolina, who is advising the government on treatments, said Covid-19, “These kinds of results tell us about the timing of the benefit.”

He explained that animal tests indicate that antibody drugs work better when given early in the infection, to reduce the amount of virus.

Once someone is very ill, he added, these drugs may not help, “but it is too early to tell if this is the case.”

He noted that the tests conducted on animals revealed that antibody drugs work better when given early in the infection, to reduce the amount of virus.

Doctors already know timing can matter when it comes to treatments Corona.

Studies indicate that “dexamethasone” and other stimulants can reduce the risk of death when given to severely ill patients, to suppress an overactive immune system, but it may be harmful to those with mild disease.

Regeneron said it plans to share Friday’s advice from independent observers, with the US Food and Drug Administration and the leaders of a separate UK study, testing its drug on hospitalized patients as well.

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