A private Russian company begins designing a light methane missile


A private Russian company begins designing a light methane missile


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The private Russian “Larus” company has given up on manufacturing hydrogen-powered space rockets and decided to switch to designing the “RD-2500” methane engine.

It announced that this engine would be in demand in the market, as it could be purchased by other private space companies to install it in light multi-purpose space rockets.

This was stated by the owner of the company, Oleg Larionov, in an interview with the Russian agency “TASS”. 1

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He said, “We are still seeking to manufacture ultra-light space missiles that would carry a payload of up to 200 kilograms to a height of 800 kilometers above the surface of the earth, but we have reached the conclusion that the methane engine that produces the thrust of 2,500 kilograms is the best engine to achieve this goal.” We called the engine the “Larousse-RD-2500”.

Larionov explained that his company abandoned the manufacture of hydrogen engines due to lack of information about their safety and cost. The methane (natural gas) engine is safe and affordable.

He said, “We will start selling this engine after launching 10 test missiles equipped with it. I think that private companies specialized in manufacturing multi-use space missiles will buy it. After the completion of the project, the company will return to manufacturing light space missiles, whose first phase will return to a ground airport after launching the useful payload.” “.

Source: TASS

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