A rare interview – Mahmoud Yassin talks about its popularity in films | Video


Mohammed Sultan Mahmoud

Shahira announced the death of artist Mahmoud Yassin, this morning, at the age of 79.

In a rare television interview from the Maspero Zaman channel archive, the artist Mahmoud Yassin was a guest on the program “Judgment after deliberation”, presented by Tariq Habib, and in the presence of critics Kamal Al-Malakh, Fomil Labib, and Abdel Fattah Al-Baroudi. Films without regard to their technical level.

The program takes place in the form of a one-hour trial, in which Tariq Habib plays the role of the prosecutor or the accused representative, while 3 critics represent the role of judges and the arbitration committee, while the guest is the accused, to respond to the accusations against him about his artistic career.


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