A rare meeting – “The predators believe” Mahmoud Yassin’s opinion of Hussein Fahmy | Video


Mohammed Sultan Mahmoud

The Internet Archive is full of rare videos, from shows, series and movies.

In a rare television interview from the Maspero Zaman Channel Archive, artists Hussein Fahmy and Mahmoud Yassin are guests of the program “Two on the Air” presented by Tariq Habib and Mona Jaber.

Tariq Habib posed his questions to Hussein Fahmy, while Mona Gabr asked Mahmoud Yassin the same questions, and their different views appeared.

Hussein Fahmy answered the question, “What would you do if you were Mahmoud Yassin?” He said that he would have chosen his roles and would not repeat the characters he presented, while Mahmoud Yassin said that Hussein Fahmy is a diligent actor who did not limit himself to roles that depend on his appearance, and that if he became his place he would go to directing and would not stop him.


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