A report reveals Messi’s reaction to Bartomeu’s decision to resign


A report reveals Messi's reaction to Bartomeu's decision to resign


A Spanish press report revealed today, Wednesday, the reaction of Argentine Barcelona captain Lionel Messi to the decision of the president of the Catalan club, Josep Maria Bartomeu, from his post.

According to the Spanish “Quattro” program, Messi received the decision to resign with laughter, and he kept joking with the rest of the players in the dressing room.

Bartomeu announced his resignation on Tuesday, after the Catalan government announced that there were no health or legal obstacles preventing the vote on the withdrawal of confidence from the club’s board of directors.

The Spanish program published a video clip of Messi a few hours before Juventus confronted Juventus this evening, Wednesday, in the second round of the Champions League group stage, in which the Argentine player appears laughing, unlike his case in recent months.

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In his farewell speech, Bartomeu reveals the secrets of his resignation and his receiving of threats with his family

Messi had entered into a public dispute with Bartomeu, and the matter came to sending the Argentine player an official fax last summer, requesting to leave the club for free.

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