A Russian expert warns against leaving the computer working in these places


With many moving to work or studying remotely at the present time, and with resorting to the use of laptops, experts warn about some places where the computer is left working, and in this context, the Deputy Director of the Russian Institute of Information Technologies gave some useful recommendations regarding places Where the laptop should be placed.

He said, “Some people prefer working time away from the office to relax in their comfortable bed and cover their legs with a blanket and carry a laptop.” The expert warned against placing electronic devices on blankets or pillows because they cover the ventilation holes in the device, which leads to a rise in its temperature, power cuts and disruption of its components. In addition, dust and other small wastes can seep inside.

The expert is not recommended to operate the laptop in the kitchen, as water may fall on the surface of the device or the keyboard, which causes a short circuit, and it is also not recommended to place the laptop near other electrical devices and a magnet that can affect the magnetic information storage system in the disk Laptop hard drive, which could lead to data loss


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