A Russian hospital diagnoses a man as “pregnant” … Here are the details


A Russian man said he received a medical report stating that he was pregnant and that he should visit a gynecologist.

The incident sparked a great controversy and an uproar among users of the communication site after the man published a photo of the report.

A hospital in the Russian city of Ufa diagnosed the case of a 40-year-old man with pregnancy, according to a medical report that the man published on his personal page on the “VK” social platform as “pregnant.”

The man, called Salavat Askatov, said that according to his medical report, he is now pregnant, and it is recommended to consult a gynecologist as soon as possible, after he went to the hospital with a sinus infection.

According to local media, the Ministry of Health in the Russian Republic of Bashkiria has conducted an internal investigation in this regard, as it became clear that the hospital’s doctors committed a technical error when dictating the documents, and those involved in the error were reprimanded.

“All those involved have been identified and work is underway to prevent similar cases from occurring in the future,” said Sofia Alicina, a press spokeswoman for the regional health ministry, confirming that the patient posted a photo of a document that had not yet been verified by the responsible department head.

According to press sources, it is not the first time that stories of documentation errors are published in Bashkiria hospitals, and this is the third case of its kind in just one month.

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