A scary thing … the White House reveals a surprise after Trump was infected with Corona


Today, Friday, US President Donald Trump announced that he and his wife Melania were infected with the Coronavirus.

Trump said in a tweet on his official account on the “Twitter” site: “Today, my wife and I came out with a positive result, and we will start isolating us immediately.”

The White House has warned that Trump has met dozens of people during the past days, and their cases are being verified to ensure that they are infected with the Coronavirus or not.

“Reuters” agency reported that US Vice President Mike Pence and his wife conducted an examination for the Corona virus, and its result was negative to prove that they are free of infection.

And the White House announced that Trump will do his duties and hold scheduled meetings via video circuit.

The White House doctor confirmed that the US President does not suffer from any symptoms of Corona virus and will continue to perform his duties.

“We pray with millions of Americans for a speedy recovery for the president and first lady,” US Vice President Mike Pence said.

A little while ago, Trump announced that he would be subject to quarantine, with his wife Melania Trump, after his adviser, Hope Hicks, was infected with the Corona virus.

Trump said in a press statement: “My wife and I will be subject to quarantine pending the results of the corona examination after my assistant Hope Hicks was infected with the virus.”

Hop Hicks was on Air Force One on Tuesday to attend the debate that brought together President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

She also attended President Trump’s election rally on Wednesday in Minnesota.

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