A security source reveals details of the collision of a microbus and a motorcycle in Sharkia and the death of a citizen


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A security source revealed the truth about what was circulated on one of the pages of the social networking site “Facebook”, regarding a video clip of a microbus driver colliding with a motorcycle from the back of the Kafr Saqr police station in Sharkia.

By examination, it was found that the accident occurred on August 17th, between a taxi “microbus” driving a citizen residing in Kafr Saqr district, and a motorbike driving a resident of Bandar Kafr Saqr, which led to the injury of the motorcycle driver and the death of his brother who was riding the bike behind him of his injury.

Legal measures were taken regarding the incident, and by referring to the Public Prosecution office, it decided to release the driver of the car, and to authorize the burial of the body of the deceased.

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