A security source reveals the truth about a video of a fight in Minya


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A security source denied what was circulated on the social networking site “Facebook” regarding a video clip in which it was alleged that there were attacks on some citizens in Minya Governorate by a number of lawbreakers.

The source confirmed that the aforementioned “old” video clip was broadcast in the course of 2011 of a quarrel between two parties in one of the villages of Abu Qurqas Police Station in Minya Governorate due to a collision of a person while traveling in his car with an industrial brick that was created by someone in front of his house .. which led to an altercation between them. To a quarrel as a result of which their supporters gathered, and the two sides exchanged beating and throwing stones, which led to the death of two people, and the necessary legal measures were taken regarding the incident at the time, and the perpetrators were arrested on both sides.

The security source also confirmed that what was discussed in this regard comes within the framework of the attempts to spread rumors and spread lies among the citizens with the aim of inciting public opinion.

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