A series, I must live with the fluctuation of social media .. Know the story


After the first episodes of the series Ala Ana, I Need to Live, were shown, which is broadcast on the DMC channel starring Jamila Awad, it topped Google search engines and social media pages.

The series “I Must Live” attracts viewers due to Jamila Awad’s illness:

While yesterday’s episode, which is the first episode of the story I need to live, witnessed from the series I Amna by Jamila Awad and Ahmed Khaled Saleh, which resulted in a great interaction on social networking sites.

Where the episode ended with a surprise that increased the audience’s desire, which is Ahmed Khaled Saleh’s celebration of his fiancee’s birthday and giving her a gift, which is a dress and she wanted to wear to see it, but he revealed to her fiance that she is sick with the skin disease Vitiligo.

And the story “I Must Live” was written by Najla Al-Hudaini and directed by Maryam Al-Ahmadi, and starring the artist Jamila Awad, the artist Nagla Badr, the artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh, the artist Khaled Anwar and the artist Salma Abu Deif, and the story consists of ten episodes that conclude the series, Except Me.

Ila Ana series consists of 6 separate stories, each one of them is shown in 10 episodes, each of which has an author, director and hero. All the stories are based on real stories and events of interest to Egyptian society.

On the other hand, a girls ’secondary film was shown recently, and the film starring the artist May Al-Ghaiti, the artist Hoda Al-Mufti, the artist Hanadi Muhanna, the artist Mayan Al-Sayed, the artist Mohamed Mahran, the artist Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, and the artist Tamer Hashem, and the film is produced by Ahmed Al-Sabki.


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