A student gives birth to a child after being raped by her father and brother


Mustafa Bakr:

Posted on: Sunday 18 October 2020 – 11:39 AM | Last update: Sunday, October 18, 2020 – 11:45 am

The victim: My father and two brothers raped me 6 times under threat … and the attempt to get rid of the child revealed the crime
The prosecution orders the child to be placed in a foster home
The Kerdasa Prosecution and Imbaba Center, headed by Counselor Muhammad Shehata, Chief Prosecutor, ordered the imprisonment of his bed worker and his son for 4 days pending investigations against Khalifa accusing them of raping his daughter and having a child with her as an incest.
The investigations revealed that they were all from Al-Buhaira governorate, but the father wanted to get rid of the child, so he was brought to the Al-Qanater area and the parents caught him.
The Public Prosecution office also ordered that the girl and the two defendants be presented to a forensic doctor for DNA analysis. The prosecution also requested that the detectives investigate the incident to determine its circumstances.
The prosecution began investigations with the defendants and listened to the statements of the victim “A.M.”, 15, a student in the first grade of secondary school, and said that she was raped by her twin brother, “M.”, 15, a student in the first grade of secondary school.
And at the hands of her father “M.” 35 years old, a long-term butterfly worker, and she gave birth to a child.
She added that she was surprised by her father opening the door to the room and raping her involuntarily and threatening her with death if she spoke to someone. She was also subjected to rape at the hands of her brother forcibly, and he used to violence and beat her and threaten her with death until she submitted to him.
She added that she was raped by her father more than 6 times and that she endured it for fear of threats of scandal and murder.
She also added that when she learned of her pregnancy, she told her father about this, so he sent her to one of their relatives, and after 9 months, the victim gave birth to a child, so her father took him and took him to the Qanater facility and put him in a garbage bin, and a passer-by saw him and prevented him from moving, until the parents gathered, and the police were informed.
The incident began with a report from the parents stating that a worker had put a baby in a carton in a litter box, so the detectives moved to the place of the incident, and the first accused was arrested, a father who admitted the incident, and the child was placed inside the care home, and the prosecution conducts investigations.

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